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Astera Regia RO

How to Donate [PayPal]

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[Step 1]: Start by going to the " Donation Information " for information on what you may get depending on the amount of money you send. After reviewing the donation info, list down the amount of money you want to send to Astera Regia RO.


[Step 2]: Log in to your PayPal account then copy our PayPal Link: "https://www.paypal.me/asteraregiaro" and paste it on any web browser.


[Step 3]: Enter the amount you desire to send and click on the "option" in the picture below.



[Step 4]: Once the money has been sent, we will be able to see the money in our account as "Money on Hold or Pending" and there will be an option like the image below. If it is still pending on our account then there will be no transaction done so, you will need to wait for that period of time.




[Step 5]: You will need to wait until the "Confirm Receipt" has shown up.





[Step 6]: Once the button has shown. Click the "Confirm Receipt", the money will then be released to our account. The transaction and waiting period will be over.


[Step 7]: But if the Money was able to directly be on our Balance then ignore Steps 4, 5 and 6. After that, please send a screenshot of your proof of transaction through private message on discord or through our e-mail: "asteraregia@yahoo.com" and add your discord name and in-game name with the screenshot so that we may be able to contact you as soon as you have sent the details.


[Note]: We will respond to you as soon as we can through discord, email or in-game. The donates will be handed in-game through "mail" using the in-game character name you sent on our e-mail.

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